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The best speed boats of the world

You are a yachting and speed lover and you want to practise an activity to gather both? So why not succumbing to the temptation of buying a speedboat? It is a real sport, which enables you to combine the pleasure of a sea trip with the intoxicating speed sensation. Indeed this kind of boat has some extraordinary capacities, with a top speed able to reach new heights ! By the way it is often used to race.


Sailing is a great activity for those who want to feel free: indeed nothing is better than a sea trip to forget all the daily worries ! But is is also a risky activity, with some dangers to consider: that is why you should have at least a few navigation lessons before lauching an attack on the waves. Firstly, you have to be sure of owning the appropriate license for the boat you want to drive: indeed the licenses are different according the kind of boat, because a yacht cannot be driven on the same way of a sailboat for example. You also have to master the basis of the sense of direction, to avoid losing yourself to sea: so you will be able to use a gps and decipher the coordinate system.

Speed boats photos

You are a yachting lover and you particularly appreciate the speedboats? You intend to buy one but you have some troubles in making you choice? So do not hesitate to visit our specialized blog: we provide you a very complete photograph library listing several kinds of speedboats. Each design is the subject of a detailed description: we present you the general features of the boat, like the size and the price, and the technical features as well, like the gross tonnage. So you will be allowed to make the best choice according to your budget and your wishes.