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The ideal boat rental anywhere in the world

Boat rental is an opportunity to plan a romantic trip. Beautiful landscapes, a comfortable atmosphere and a wonderful atmosphere, it is a pleasure boat trip.

The ideal holiday options

The ideal option for a holiday is a sea trip near the most popular tourist coast, the Greek peninsula, where there are always beautiful sunsets and a warm sea. Renting a boat for a trip in the mountains is one of the favorite tourist attractions. Ladoga's waterway allows you to see all the natural beauty of the lake's rocky shores. In addition, by boat, you can moor at one of the islands for a detailed familiarization with its landscape. Equipment rental service is provided in early May and lasts until late fall. This is due to the weather characteristics of the area when the ice cover has disappeared.

A portal with the choice of boat

A site that offers you the widest range of recently launched or new yacht rentals italy for rent. Especially the new practices at the moment, we are talking a lot about rigid bottom inflatable boats, open boats or day cruises, maintained in excellent condition by our team of professionals. Thanks to the ideal location of the boat, you can quickly reach the most beautiful places in the world and go to the West Indies in winter and the French Riviera in summer.

To drive most boats, you need a driver's license to manage small water transport. If you do not have a license to operate a small boat, you can choose rental boats that do not require a fee, by law for less than 6 HP, or rent a boat with a skipper. Some of our boats are specially equipped with an anti-roll mount for water skiing. We also have all the necessary water sports equipment (wakeboard, water skiing, lifebuoys and life jackets).

Many places in the world can be explored by boat and in this cold season off-shore rental is open.


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